Quaternium-73 (and) Butylene Glycol

Item No.: 00104
Anallerg® Depox®-1P is 0.1% Quaternium-73 formulated with Butylene Glycol. Quaternium-73 is a new and safe anti-bacterial ingredient that can be use for a long time. It has inhibiting effect on bacteria and a variety of fungi at a low concentration. Part
  • Trade NameAnallerg® Depox®-1P
  • INCI NameQuaternium-73 (and) Butylene Glycol
  • Content0.09-0.11%
  • Description

    Anallerg® Depox®-1P is 0.1% Quaternium-73 formulated with Butylene Glycol. Quaternium-73 is a new and safe anti-bacterial ingredient that can be use for a long time. It has inhibiting effect on bacteria and a variety of fungi at a low concentration. Particularly, Quaternium-73 has strong anti-bacterial effect on Propionibacterium, it can improve the symptoms of acne and frequently occurring acne. In addition, quaternium-73 can inhibit melanin production, it has high safety and good thermal stability. Quaternium-73 is recommended for use in anti-acne, anti-bacterial, whitening and anti-spot products.
    INCI Name: Quaternium-73 (and) Butylene Glycol
    CAS No.: 15763-48-1; 107-88-0
    Specifications (For detailed specifications, please refer to Certificate of Analysis):
    Appearance: Yellow liquid
    Content: 0.09-0.11%
    Powerful fungicide, acne removal, whitening and freckle removal
    Use Level:
    Use Method:
    • ® Depox®-1P is slightly soluble in water. It is recommended to prepare 0.1% polyol solution before use.
    • ® Depox®-1P is unstable when exposed to light, so it is recommended to pack the finished product in light-proof containers.
    • ® Depox®-1P has good stability in high temperature environment, up to 85℃.
    • ® Depox®-1P is applicable to the formula with pH range of 5.5-8.0.
    Anallerg® Depox®-1P is usually packed in 5kg, 10kg; Other package sizes could be customized if necessary.
    Anallerg® Depox®-1P shall be stored below 30℃ in well-ventilated and dry condition, keep sealed in original container and away from light.
    Shelf Life
    Anallerg® Depox®-1P can be stored for 2 years when the package is unopened and stored in strict accordance with the storage conditions recommended by the manufacturer; Anallerg® D
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